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Awesome Features Available Now

The beta version of our release already includes the essential features!

  • Scorekeeping

    Recording the score is made easy with the option to choose from various official game styles. It’s fantastic to stay up-to-date with the score!

  • Highlights

    Mark the score and the recording stops automatically, we are generating separate files for each point. You will have a highlight of 20-30 minutes instead of a 2 hours video!

  • Statistics

    We offer two levels of statistics to cater to your skill and data recording preferences. When you select a statistical data, the score is automatically adjusted, and the recording stops.

  • Replay point by point

    You can replay all recorded points randomly or continuously, with the score always visible on the screen.

  • Notes & Likes

    You can mark the points you enjoy or would like to share with your coach or athlete by adding a “like” sign.

  • Merge files and evaluate with YouTube chapters

    After merging the videos for each point, you can export them to your phone’s gallery or upload them to your YouTube channel. The score will be displayed in the lower-left corner, similar to how you see it on TV. On YouTube, the video will be segmented into chapters for each point, making it easier and more efficient to evaluate in chapter view.

Development Roadmap

By supporting us on Indiegogo, you can accelerate our development process

Stage 1

We’re excited to announce that we’ve successfully completed the initial stage of creating a functional prototype for the Android app. This version of the app comes equipped with essential features such as the ability to record each point individually, record scores and statistics, merge videos, and upload them to YouTube with chapter segmentation. We’ve prioritized processing all operations on the phone itself to provide a seamless user experience.

Stage 2

Our primary objective is to launch an Indiegogo campaign to raise funds for adding new functionalities to the app, such as geolocation and note-taking capabilities. We also aim to improve the editing and upload experience and implement a local database for enhanced performance. Additionally, we plan to allocate some of the raised funds to complete the necessary work for the IOS app and launch it alongside the Android app.

Stage 3

We plan to create a comprehensive tennis portal, synchronised with the app, that will benefit both players and coaches. This will include tournament planning, notifications, and database synchronisation, among other features. Additionally, we will provide statistical interpretation of all recorded games and establish a standard player profile. Our aim is to provide a one-stop-shop for all things tennis, with a variety of tools and resources to help users succeed.

Stage 2 - Upgrade Android App & Launch Apple IOS App

Improve user experience

Optimize YouTube Upload and Enhance User Experience with User and Tournament Databases, including Geolocation Feature

Game Play Mode & Drill Mode Feature

Drill recording and performance tracking. Coaches can now easily monitor each student’s progress and identify areas for improvement by tracking targeted skills and skill levels. This new feature enables students to have a clearer understanding of their strengths and weaknesses, and measure their progress over time.

Advanced Video Analysis & Data Management

Improved Feature List for Tennis Rec App:

  • Edit/Add Statistics Post-Game
  • Add Notes (Written & Voice) to Points
  • Filter Points by Player
  • Filter Videos Using Statistical Data
  • Choose Videos to Keep on Device or Store in Cloud

Remote control

Our goal is to incorporate remote control functionality in the app, allowing users to operate it from another device. With this feature, users will have the option to set up their primary phone on a tripod and use a secondary device such as another phone or an Smart Watch to manage the recording process.

Apple App for iPhone users

During Stage 2, our objective is to finalize the Apple version of the application and make it available for launch on the Apple Store.

Stage 3 - Online Tennis portal

Additional features for the App

The Outline Portal is a web portal for tennis tools that offers two major areas of functionality – Tournament planning and Training planning:

Tournament planning is of interest to tennis club owners, as it provides tools for court management, live scoring for each court, referee notifications, athlete entry notifications, and tournament enrollment. The tournament enrollment process includes registration, where players provide their name and necessary documents, as well as payment. The tournament planning tools also offer support services such as physiotherapy, massage, and sparring partners. In addition, the tournament data is synchronized with national websites, and players’ and tournament statistical data is available.

Training planning is of interest to coaches and parents, as it provides tools for tracking athlete attendance, setting objectives, monitoring skill levels, and creating a calendar for scheduling. The calendar includes training, mental coaching, technical evaluations, physiotherapy, and other medical investigations. The training planning tools also include invoicing and notifications, and activity reports can be generated for coaches, parents, and athletes. With the Tennis Portal, coaches and parents can have a comprehensive view of the athletes’ progress and can make informed decisions about their training and development.

All these features will be integrated with various Android and iOS apps such as TennirRec, enabling users to conveniently access the portal and its functions while on the move, enhancing their overall experience. The Tennis Portal offers a comprehensive and user-friendly solution to all tennis-related requirements, catering to the needs of tennis club owners, coaches, and parents alike.

Our Team

Our team is small but highly dedicated to both Tennis and Coding. The project was initiated and is managed by William Santa, a young tennis player, through Vx3 Team Ltd. The coding aspect of the project is handled by Mindware Solutions Ltd.

William Santa

William Santa

Founder & Tennis player

Mindware solutions

Mindware solutions

IT Development Team

App Screenshots

App screenshots presented below.

Frequently asked questions

Stage one of the project involves keeping all databases on your phone, with no data collection taking place.

In stage two, we will collect data to be shared with an online database. Any collected data will be described in the privacy policy.

In this first version of the App all the processing happens on the phone, it can take several hours depending on the file size and the number of videos. We recommend to start the merging late night, in the morning you will have the file ready.You can then upload the video to YouTube from the app.

In the second stage of the development we intend to do the merging online.

Initially, you must merge the files before uploading to YouTube through the app. However, keep in mind that uploading to YouTube can take several hours for files exceeding 1GB. Following the upload, YouTube generates multiple versions of the file with varying resolutions, which can take a few minutes or even hours. Don’t panic if you discover that the resolution is low shortly after the upload, as higher resolution versions will be generated by YouTube soon after.

In the initial stage of development, selection is not available; however, this feature is intended for the second version.

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Pricing Plans

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Indiegogo perk 20 USD

  • Free TennisRec App
  • 1 year access to the portal
  • 1TB storage

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Develop it!


  • Free apps (available and future apps)
  • lifetime free access to the portal
  • 1TB storage for 5 years

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